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Tax Reduction Workshops

Companies Incorporated has found that eight out of ten members of the public are not taking all of the legal deductions, credits, or exemptions to which they are properly entitled by the IRS. Therefore, we offer a program to our clients where we work hand in hand with the nation’s top tax experts in corporate law and the tax code to help them reduce their taxes to the greatest extent allowed by law.

We will assign you a personal tax liaison, business consultant, and corporate strategist for unlimited support and consultation. This team will be with you not just at tax time, but throughout the entire time you are a client with us.

A review of your last two years of tax returns will be conducted at the offices of Robert J. Greene, CPA and Dennis P. Skea, who worked 28 years as a senior IRS agent.

As a result we are allowed by law to amend past tax returns up to three years if your situation warrants this and get the tax dollars you have overpaid the IRS. Many tax preparers simply put numbers into the boxes on tax forms, but we actually provide you with specific tax strategies to reduce your tax burden and keep money in your hands.

By taking a look into your finances and the tax law codes we can ensure you are paying the absolute minimum amount of taxes. If we don’t save you $3,000 on your returns there is no cost to you.

By our pre-filing and pre-audit review process conducted by a team of former IRS experts you will receive every legal deduction, credit and exemption and maximize those write off’s legally without triggering an audit of your return.

In addition we provide tax preparation services for 80 % of the clients for which we provide service.

We will send you audio educational material to use in conjunction with the service.

The tax technical division provides our clients with audit protection. If you are notified of any type of audit we will represent you at no additional cost.

Again if we do not save you $3,000 on you taxes we will refund our service fee, and we will guarantee this for twelve months.

Our fee is less than one third the cost of the guaranteed tax savings $995 in the first year. If you also allow us to do your business tax service we guarantee a $5,000 combined savings in taxes at a cost of $1,495. You will learn tax-reduction techniques that can last a lifetime.

To enroll in the tax reduction program, call one of our consultants at 800-830-1055.