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Corporate Seal

Our handsome Custom Corporate Seal/Embosser is included in our Corporate and LLC kits. Made of steel yet light and easy to use, corporate seals such as ours may be required by many states for certain transactions.

To order a Corporate Seal, please call our customer service department Mon-Fri between 6:00AM and 5:00PM Pacific Time at:

800-830-1055 Toll Free
661-253-3303 International

Or you can use our order form submission here: Order a Corporate Seal

Corporate Seal Model 1d-2T

Standard Corporate Seal – $56

This model has become popular due to its compact size and high-leverage that offers strong, crisp impressions on almost any paper stock.

Desktop Corporate Seal

Desktop Corporate Seal – $96

This model is designed to place greater pressure with minimal effort. It is highly recommended for frequent and high-volume document impressions.

Heavy Duty Corporate Seal

Heavy-Duty Corporate Seal – $72

This larger-sized, heavy duty corporate seal offers even more leverage and allows for larger paper size insertion. Great for those larger, bulkier documents.

Elegant Corporate Seal

Elegant Corporate Seal – $96

An elegant precisely made, metal cast desk embosser makes a great addition to any corporation or business office. These desktop embossers are metal cast, then polished by hand to create a smooth, elegant surface. They are available with a baked-on epoxy finish, a plated 24K gold flashed finish or a even chrome plated.