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Foreign Qualification

Do Business in Another State

Corporations are primarily regulated on a state by state basis. As such there are three designations; domestic, foreign and alien. A domestic corporation is a corporation transacting business in the state of incorporation. If this corporation wants to maintain an office in another state it would first have to file with the state and would be considered a “foreign” corporation. A corporation organized in another country would be considered “alien”. Companies Incorporated will assist in the preparation of the necessary documentation for you to qualify for foreign status so that your LLC or corporation may operate in another state.

In order to foreign qualify your incorporated business in another state, a certificate of good standing must be ordered in your home state and shipped with your articles of foreign qualification to the foreign state. This service requires documents and filing with all of the involved states. Companies Incorporated makes this process easy for you, simply tell us where you are incorporated, a few details about your company and what states you wish to be qualified in.