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Articles of Amendment

An article of amendment is required to change recorded information about your corporation. The article is filed with your state’s secretary office, in the same manner as incorporating. The primary reasons for filing articles of amendment for corporations are:

  • Change Corporation Name
  • Change to the Amount of Authorized Shares
  • Change to the Par Value of Corporate Shares
  • Adding or Removing Directors, Officers, Shareholders

Articles of amendment are filed and recorded changes to your articles of incorporation. Companies Incorporated will assist you in the preparation and submission of articles of amendment in any of the 50 states.

Articles of Amendment Filing Process

You can call Companies Incorporated and order an article of amendment service and our legal department will prepare your documents. You can review and sign your amendment and, once approved, we will file the articles with your state office. In general all states will vary with their filing times, however, once filed your corporate records should be updated with the amendment.

Articles of Amendment Service

You pay just the $199 service fee and your state’s filing fee for the entire process and your corporation records will be changed in one easy step.