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Corporate Kits

Your corporate kit is very important to your incorporated business. Keeping your original or certified copies of incorporation or formation, along with other critical documents such as annual meeting minutes, amendments, bank account records, stock certificates and IRS forms. Your corporate kit and record book organize your corporation’s important legal and financial documents.

Our corporate kits come in a handsome dark leatherette case with your corporation’s name embossed in gold on the spine. Included is an official hand-held Corporate Seal with your corporation’s name, state and date of incorporation, a Corporate Records book, an example set of bylaws, Corporate Minutes, a Directors Register and Officers List, a Shareholder’s register, a Securities Register, Shareholder Agreements and several personalized stock certificates.

To order a Corporate Kit, please call our customer service department Mon-Fri between 7:00AM and 5:00PM Pacific Time at:

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661-253-3303 International

Or you can use our order form submission here: Order a Corporation With a Corporate Kit

standard corporate kit

Standard Corporate & LLC Kit – $99

Companies Incorporated standard corporate kits are made of high-quality two-toned textured vinyl that is sealed electronically over long-lasting board to provide extended service life and maximum durability. The highest quality back mounted triple-ring design with dual opening and closing actions allow pages to always lie flat and turn easily. Each binder is detailed in gold and is available in 5 colors: burgundy, green, blue, black and brown and in 3 styles: Standard Portfolio, Standard Slim and Standard (Complete kit with seal & Certificates)

standard slim corporate kit

Standard Slim Corporate Kit – $99

These Companies Incorporated kits are made of fine-quality two-toned textured vinyl. They and are slimmer than the standard kits. The high quality back-mounted three-ring binding device with dual opening and closing boosters let pages to lie flat and allow them to turn easily. Each quality binder is detailed in gold and is available in 5 colors: black, brown, blue, green, and burgundy.(Complete kit with seal & Certificates)

standard portfolio kit

Standard Portfolio or LLC Kit – $99

The Velcro flap closure will keep all your documents in place. These kits are constructed of high-quality two-toned textured vinyl. The top quality back-mounted three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters allow pages to lie flat and turn easily. Each quality binder is detailed in gold and is available in 5 colors: black, brown, blue, green, and burgundy.(Complete kit with seal & Certificates)

linen corporate kit

Linen Corporate or LLC Kit – $119

Our handcrafted, heavy-duty linen binders are made of quality linen, which make them distinctive and elegant. Each binder is constructed with heavier materials for extra durability and a long life. Each quality binder is detailed in gold and is available in 3 colors: black, black and burgundy and black and gray. Custom Linen Corporate Kit (Complete kit with seal and certificates)

docu-box corporate kit

Docu-Box Corporate or LLC Kit – $119

Crafted from commercial-grade, heavyweight pasted chipboard, this unique design construction provides protection without the need for a separate slipcase. Each Docu-Box is available in 2 colors: black and burgundy. (Complete kit with seal and certificates)

zippered portfolio corporate kit

Zippered Portfolio Corporate or LLC Kit – $130

These zippered corporate kits are an elegant choice for those looking for a portfolio type binder. Sewn edges, a zipper closure and metal corners make these outfits an impressive choice. The organization name is engraved on a chrome plated brass plate. (Complete kit with seal & Certificates)

Red Russian leather kit

Blumberg Red Russia Leather Corporate & LLC Kit – $485

Show your sophistication to potential investors, your banker, CPA and attorneys.  Named for the beautiful Red Russia leather hides used to make it, this extra heavy-duty, high-capacity corporate record book is the best corporate kit a corporate executive can buy. When you order, you will specify the corporation name you want on certificates, seal and hand stamped in 24K gold on the spine. Also, indicate the state and year in which the corporation was organized. This kit comes with 20 full-page, numbered certificates with full-page stubs printed with the corporation name, state, signature titles and capitalization. You can order additional certificates as needed. For corporations or LLCs. Comes with printed corporation minutes and bylaws. (Complete kit with seal & Certificates)