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Nominee Directors and Officers

Nominee Privacy Service

In addition to Office Programs (also known as the Corporate Office Program), Companies Incorporated offers a unique service to give you a BIG extra layer of privacy and protection. In order to protect our clients from prying eyes, Companies Incorporated offers our Nominee Service. When you sign up for this service, we will assign one of our associates to stand in for you as the officers and directors of your corporation. This service is available for Nevada and Wyoming Corporations, and is offered at only $500 a year. The nominee plus the Legal Shield Program where our nominee helps with corporate formalities is only $1995 per year.

When a nominee officer or director is appointed, you (the owner of the majority of stock) can remain in complete and total control of your corporation. You retain all signature rights over any financial accounts, you retain the right to enter any sort of financial or lease arrangement with any other entity, etc. As the majority stockholder, you can, at any time, vote the nominee officers out of the corporation if you so choose. In addition, as stated above, you retain all signature rights over all bank accounts–your Companies Incorporated nominee officers do not touch any funds associated with the corporation as they do not have access or signature authority over any corporate account. They simply preserve your privacy by fulfilling the legal requirement for a corporation to have one or more listed officer.

Typically, our clients order the Corporation, Corporate Office Program and the Nominee Service together as a package. To establish a Corporation with the Corporate Office Program and Nominee Service, visit our secure order center.