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Choosing an Entity Type

Maintaining Incorporated Businesses

Before you incorporate a business, you must weigh the benefits and advantages of the different entity types and tax classifications of each. Evaluating your options by topic, such as liability protection, transferability, forms of ownership, tax benefits, operating formalities and more. We have assembled a complete Guide to Incorporating in a series of related articles that discuss the various topics and compare the forms of business.

Top Articles

  • Selecting an Entity Type – Understanding the options and looking at each business structure on how it can work for you. Each advantage and disadvantage is identified and how to evaluate possible forms of business.
  • The Corporate Veil – What is it and how are you really protected by being incorporated? This article discusses the corporate veil and how to maintain it.
  • Liability Protection – We compare the Corporation and Limited Liability Company on liability protection. Learn how the business structure actually protects you and your personal assets from business obligations.
  • Tax Considerations – Understand how the different entities provide tax benefits. Learn when an S Corporation works best and when to remain a standard C Corporation. We compare the limited liability company with the different forms of Corporations on tax advantages.
Corporate Compliance is a state requirement for incorporated business entities. This very easy formality of being incorporated is how to maintain your separate legal status which is where your liability protection stems from. Simply documenting actions and decisions of the business year, in the form of meeting minutes, is one way to strengthen the corporate veil. We have assembled a complete meeting minutes and resolutions template library in word doc format that you can download.

Learn how to keep your own meeting minutes and corporate records. Companies Incorporated offers annual compliance services that can keep your business compliant with laws in all 50 states. Ask about our compliance services, we will assist all of our clients with maintaining their business compliance, from filing annual statements of information to producing meeting minutes.

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