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Incorporate Online

When you incorporate online with Companies Incorporated, you not only have your state documents completed and filed for you in a matter of days, you also receive a complete incorporation package that includes sample by laws or operating agreement (depending on whether you formed a corporation or limited liability company), completed tax forms, small business guidance materials and 100% support. Upgraded packages include registered agent services for the first year, complete corporate kits and more. If you choose a complete package you automatically upgrade to expedited filing with your state, all tax forms will be completed and FedEx final delivery to you.

The Process

Incorporating online is fast and easy. You simply complete a step-by-step process, confirm the information you submitted and provide payment… and you’re done! Companies Incorporated will draft all of your legal documents and file them with the correct state’s branch office for recording. Its important to understand the state processes, some entity types and some filing types will require that the documents be sent to a different branch office, that’s why when you incorporate online with us, speed, accuracy and satisfaction with your online incorporation is guaranteed. You can also call our offices Monday through Friday between 7AM and 5PM Pacific Time and speak to our specialists about your needs.

Information Requirements

The process is a serious of simple forms that will collect details about your entity, locations of the business and owner details as well as some organizational figures, depending on what type of entity you choose. Below is a summary of what we require from our online incorporation customers during the information collection phase.

  1. Entity Type and Location: Choose between a Corporation, LLC or LP in any of the 50 states.
  2. Package Selection: Select an incorporation product package, there are 3 levels of service you can choose from.
  3. Additional Services: You can upgrade your package with any more business services, such as a US Bank Account, leather bound corporate kit, merchant accounts and more.
  4. Company Information: Here you provide the your preferred company name as well as an alternate along with stock information (for corporations) and an initial director list.
  5. Addresses: You provide up to 3 addresses for your incorporation, shipping location, legal address and designate your registered agent.
  6. Order Review: This is a visual confirmation of all the information you provided during the online incorporation process.
  7. Payment: You can choose from 8 different payment options.

Once the information has been confirmed and payment details submitted your incorporation order will be confirmed by our staff and processed that business day. Depending on the state, filing method and service options selected, some orders are sent to the state office the same day for rapid filing. Its possible to incorporate online and have your articles submitted, recorded and returned by the state in as little as 12-24 hours, not all states apply – call for details.

What You Get

The act of incorporating is nothing more than an article filing with your state office, whether that is a secretary of state, corporation commission or department of corporations. When you incorporate online with Companies Incorporated, you are guaranteed 100% accuracy with drafting your articles of incorporation, state filing and complete business package. You receive materials with your incorporation package, tax forms, corporate supplies, resident agent service for 1 year and a myriad of valuable products and resources. Our packages start at just $149 and you can begin the incorporation process online 24/7.

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