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The decision to incorporate you or your business is the first step in providing effective protection from personal liability, excessive taxation, and provides the entrepreneur or the savvy investor with an effective and powerful tool to aid in managing and growing their business ventures. There are many reasons to incorporate; by incorporating, you are forming a separate, distinct legal entity that can be utilized to safeguard your personal wealth and assets by separating you, personally, from business liability, lawsuits, creditors and excessive taxation.

Companies Incorporated is committed to providing our viewers with the most information on incorporating your business. We have published a Guide to Incorporating Your Business.

By forming a Corporation or LLC, you are forming a separate “person”, a legal entity that can own property, pay taxes, enter contracts and create income that is separate from yours. A corporation can sue and be sued on its own, thereby safeguarding the personal assets of the shareholders. This separation and safeguarding of personal assets and property is known as “limited liability.” Other advantages include perpetuity of the business, as the business is not affected by the changing of the shareholders due to death, transfer of shares, sales, acquisitions, etc.

Another key advantage is that potential vendors, creditors, partners as well as investors in your business associate the “inc.” after your company’s name as an indication that they are dealing with a company that is viable and professionally run. Further, savvy investors will recognize the increased protection from personal liability and undue taxation that an incorporated business provides.

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Once the decision to incorporate has been made, you will find that incorporating in your state can be a very simple process: our convenient packages provide for fast, friendly, and effective incorporation. There are three different levels to choose from, depending upon how and where you would like to incorporate your business. We take all of the headache and worry out of the incorporation process.

Forming a business and deciding upon its structure or type can be an intimidating, complicated process. We help simplify that process by providing comprehensive descriptions of the various types of businesses, and even allowing you to compare them side by side. In this manner, you can be sure to pick the type that works best for you and your goals.

Choosing the jurisdiction, or state, to incorporate your business is another decision that you will be faced with. We have provided comprehensive information on each type of business structure for each state, including the exact costs and state filing fees, nationwide. offers a full range of Incorporation services, from the initial filings, to the various options and services that can enhance the nature of your corporation. These elections are driven by your needs and what you tell us you want and expect, and we tailor your package to your needs–it truly is that simple! We keep you in the loop every step of the way, with status notifications at every significant point of the online incorporation process. is the leading incorporation and document service provider, and we have been at the virtual forefront of the field for decades. The Companies Incorporated brand is a service of General Corporate Services, established in 1906. Our goal is to ensure that every client benefits from that wealth of experience. Our proprietary systems and “know how” have allowed us to successfully incorporate thousands of business just like yours. Incorporate with the company rated #1 in customer service in our field! Call us today, or use our very user-friendly website to begin your online incorporation today! Come experience what our existing customers already know!

Can I Incorporate Without an Attorney?

Of course you can–this our specialty. We make the complicated tangle of specialized language and legal documentation an easy and manageable affair. We make it fast and easy for our clients to learn and understand the “corporate language” and special terms that are added to the articles of incorporation, by-laws, corporate minutes, etc., so that you can focus on growing your business while your incorporated status serves to protect your assets from civil liability, undue taxation, and provide for other meaningful corporate benefits. Our complete Incorporation Packages provide professionally prepared articles, by-laws, and minutes language for your use! We truly are a Full-Service company!

Costs to Incorporate

  • $149 Formation Fee or Complete Incorporation Package Fee
  • State Filing Fees
  • Annual State Fees (these typically range from $25 to $125 per year)
  • $189 Annual Registered Agent Fee

Incorporate in California

Companies Incorporate files documents nationwide with all Secretary of State branch offices. We have our own offices in California that will hand-deliver documents directly to the Secretary for over the counter processing. Buy a shelf corporation in California or any state quickly and easily.