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Aged Shelf Corporations in California

Aged corporations are companies that have been filed with a government agency before it was purchased. It has generally not conducted business. Companies Incorporated maintains a list of many aged corporations and shelf companies in California.

Many companies have aged bank accounts as well, subject to availability. The aged corporations are also referred to as an “off the shelf company”. Also available are aged corporations in California plus a corporate credit building program. We have aged corporations in other jurisdictions as well.

Benefits of Aged Corporations in California

  • Zero Debts or Liabilities
  • A corporate record book
  • Minutes and Resolutions forms
  • Stock Certificates (blank, un-issued shares)
  • In good standing when you receive the company

More Aged Corporations Information

  • Aged corporations with corporate credit building program
  • Aged corporations and bank accounts
  • Nevada shelf corporations
  • Wyoming shelf corporations
  • Aged Corporations with established Paydex score

Companies Incorporated can also file a foreign qualification so that you can use your corporation to do business in another state, province or country. If you want an offshore shelf corporation, there are also many available.

Features of Aged Corporations in California

  • Business History – Establish an instant history for your business
  • Business Image – Customer and lender trust may, in our opinion, be enhanced with an older company
  • Building Credit – A shelf company may merged with an existing business and may greatly enhance the business credit building process. (Naturally, there are other factors in addition to age.)
  • Bank Loans – Banks are more likely to lend money to your company if it has a business history, especially if the age of the company corresponds with the number of years you have actually been in business. Naturally, this is our opinion only and there are no guarantees.
  • Contracts – Bids on certain contracts in some cases may possible require a company be of a minimum age (this may be possible in some, but not all, circumstances).
  • Creditworthiness – Corporate credit building and business financing programs are available
  • Faster Launch – Your business is filed and ready for immediate delivery
  • Obtain Clients – Business age increases customer confidence, especially when it corresponds with your the number of years you have actually been in business.
  • Trade Lines – It may be easier for an older company to obtain credit with suppliers

Again, we recommend full disclosure with lenders, customers and others. The above benefits are based on our opinion and may or may not apply to your particular circumstances. You are encouraged to seek legal advice from a licensed attorney and tax advice from a licensed accountant.

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