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Aged Shelf Corporations Training

Aged Shelf Corporation plus Credit Assistance Training

Our new program is better than ever. We send an individual who has made millions of dollars on real estate to your town to train you one-on-one. There is no other program like this on the planet: Your own personalized 1-on-1 training by one who has proven to be real estate millionaire. He will show you exactly how to use the program, negotiate real estate deals with you, as available in your area. We have a virtual 100% customer satisfaction rate on the one-on-one training. This training is included with a particular aged shelf corporation package that can be discussed with a representative.

The training is offered to you with a specified package in addition your purchase of an aged company, plus we build a Paydex score and Dun & Bradstreet rating. (The one-on-one course is $9995 per person – and can be purchased separately.)

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Every person wants the ability to make choices. Most of America is so invested into their existing jobs that the thought of starting a business venture is out of the question. Maybe you have a business and are trying to generate more cash flow. Investors want the ability to make large sums of money with little to no personal investment or risk. What they really want is freedom financial freedom. Real estate is the best vehicle for making money grow safely and quickly. “Jump Start” will put you on the road to financial freedom.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Generate spendable monthly and lump sum cash flow now!
  • Put money in your pocket when you buy real estate
  • Raise capital for your existing business
  • Use real estate to reduce income taxes
  • Earn 15-18% guaranteed by 1st mortgages
  • How to finance real estate nearly anywhere at nearly any time
  • Buy defaulted notes directly from banks for huge profits
  • Learn to broker financing yourself using the internet
  • Learn how to use your IRA to fund real estate
  • How to buy real estate and put money in your pocket in the next 30 days
  • How to profit from the recent raise in equity and avoid a real estate “Bubble”
  • Learn to control real estate with no tenants, maintenance or headaches
  • Develop raw land into marketable residential and commercial real estate.

The training is a step-by-step proven program that will get you started the immediately. (You simply cover the trainer’s travel, lodging and food.) Invest as little as 4 hours per month form the comfort of your couch, all without personal risk by using corporations and limited partnerships. No employees or inventory! Pay off existing debts and increase spendable cash flow. Give yourself the ability to direct your time and money towards the things you are passionate about. Come to “Jump Start” and find the financial freedom that you are looking for.

It is important to note that this is a real estate training and funding assistance program. Funding is subject to lender approval. There are no guarantees that any particular transaction will be funded.

Client Testimonial: Elliot Tabron – Former NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys

“I personally recommend the shelf companies with credit assistance offered by Companies Incorporated. As a former football player for the Dallas Cowboys and now a licensed builder in the state of Michigan I have never seen such a program to get you from where you are to where you want to be financially faster than the program they offer. I have personally purchased the program and have been responsible for many of my associates acquiring the companies with credit [training] from Companies Incorporated. The support these guys offer is unparalleled. Companies Incorporated CEO and the course trainer  provides a precise, step-by-step success formula that works in the real world. I can see clearly that they really do care about serving their clients and maximizing the value we receive from this program.”

(Mr. Tabron is a client and is not an employee or representative of Companies Incorporated.)

At Companies Incorporated, our big purpose is to, “Protect and Grow the Finances of our Clients.” Our trainer is sincerely the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate speaker and investor I have ever known. He is a talented and entertaining communicator. His teaching can put you on the fast track to growing your finances through real estate. I highly recommend that you learn from this master of real estate success.

The following are clients of ours and/or students of an individual who has trained our clients.

“ ..In one week we put more than $18,000 cash in our pocket at closing and $37K when it sells. Next, we built two houses and financed them with our corporate credit line. Amazing! Thanks Rusty!”

– Dwayne and Janet Anderson

“ I currently have seven deals going and will make more than $300,000 this year alone.  I don’t worry about how to make the money I need anymore.”

– Joe Hodges

“Simply the best finance class I have ever attended. From start to finish, I learned more about financing from this
class than I thought was possible.”

– Charles Huneycutt

“… I’m a visual person and the way Rusty broke down financing was great… I’m thinking in a different way.”

– Janis Day

“ I have purchased over 3 million in real estate and I didn’t know these things were possible. I wish I would have
known how to broker my own notes earlier. I would have made so much more money.”

– Saqid Rasool

“ I recommend this class to anyone that is interested in closing deals…Awesome!”

– Matthew Roberts