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Aged Nevada Corporations and LLCs

You can select any of our Nevada Aged LLCs and Corporations and Nevada Shelf Companies. You will find Shelf Corporations, Aged LLC’s and even credit enhancement programs that can be added to your company. Nevada offers many advantages, to learn more about Incorporating in Nevada, you can learn about Nevada’s tax advantages, favorable business laws, types of stock that can be issued in the future and more incorporating information.

Aged Nevada Shelf Corporation Benefits

You can immediately begin to benefit from having your own Nevada business entity by choosing to purchase an already incorporated entity, or a Aged Nevada Shelf Corporation.

Nevada aged LLCs and corporations offer very similar benefits to a Nevada LLC and corporation and more. Both are state income tax free, have strong asset protection laws and privacy of ownership. (The term “shelf” means that the company was formed before the purchase date and has typically been sitting on a shelf waiting for a client who needs an aged corporation.)

Additional Nevada Shelf Company Benefits and Information

  • The owners of an aged corporation in Nevada are not a matter of public record.
  • Privacy – Nevada does not share corporation information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Being an income tax free state, they do not gather such information to share. (Naturally, we recommend full compliance with tax authorities.)
  • Asset Protection – Only Nevada (as of this writing) protects shareholders form losing their shares when sued personally.
  • Fast Formation & Delivery – A properly drafted Nevada Corporation can be filed fairly quickly. An aged corporation in Nevada can be delivered immediately.
  • Low Annual Renewal Fees – The annual renewal which includes filing a list of officers and directors is only $125 annually for most clients as of this writing.
  • Nominate Other Officers and Directors – The shareholders control the company. So, you can control your company and have your name not appear in the public records by nominating third party officers and directors who agree to stand in for you in the public records. There are celebrities and others who, while being fully compliant, simply prefer financial privacy and anonymity. Again, this is to only be used in a legal, ethical fashion.
  • For Profit Corporations
    For profit corporations are classified by the IRS a “C” or “S” corporation. Generally speaking a “C” corporation is taxed separately from the shareholders whereas with an “S” corporation the shareholders are responsible for taxes on corporate profits.
  • The state fees for the annual list of officers and directors in Nevada are currently $125.

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