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Shelf Company and Aged Corporation Glossary

Shelf Companies

Shelf corporations or off the shelf companies are a companies that have been formed on a prior date. Such a corporation is also called an aged shelf corporation. More helpful information and research support about this topic follows.

An Aged Company

The aged corporation or aged shelf corporation has no shareholders and, usually unless required to be filed to keep the company in good standing, may have no officers or directors. Once acquired you can file the list of officers and directors with your name. It is important to utilize your company in a legal, ethical and moral fashion.

Off the Shelf Company Details

You can accept the off the shelf companies with the current name or we can change the name of the company to another name if you wish. You can become the new officer and directors or you can or elect other officers and directors who accept the position. Again, the name of the corporation can be changed to another available name of your choosing.

An Aged Shelf Company

You will receive the articles of incorporation for an aged shelf corporation or articles of organization for an aged shelf LLC. The articles will be file-stamped by the state, province, country or jurisdiction in which it was originally formed. You are able to receive the federal employer identification number (FEIN), also called the Tax Identification or Tax ID number. You will receive the company record book, a large binder containing essential company documents. You will be given stock certificates for a corporation or membership certificates for an LLC. The certificates are blank and unissued. You will also receive minutes for meetings forms, one year of registered agent services, a corporate seal and telephone support to answer your questions.

The shelf corporations do not have any tax liability or legal obligations. They are ready to open a bank account, start building corporate credit, and start business.

Why Should You Acquire Your Own Shelf Company?

When a business has some years behind it, its image may be enhanced. For example, if you have been in the photocopy repair business for 10 years and obtain a 10 year old corporation so that it corresponds with your years in business, this may boost your business credibility. Some lenders may tend to be more willing your company and manufacturers and wholesalers are more willing to offer financing terms if you have actually been in the same line of business for many years. We are not saying that such an entity guarantees these benefits, but they may give you a slight edge in addition to other important factors.

In addition to corporate credibility, here are some more reasons to purchase an aged corporation:

  1. Can typically be shipped to you the same day you place your order.
  2. Have an instant history for your company.
  3. Improve your image and boost your corporate image.
  4. Faster to pursue your business endeavors because the company is already formed and ready for immediate delivery.
  5. Faster to obtain business licenses because the company is in your hands faster.
  6. Faster ability to bid on contracts because the company can be shipped immediately.

As we say in other parts of this section, be sure to use full disclosure. Let those with whom you conduct business know that you have recently attained the aged entity. The listed benefits are our opinion only and may not apply to your circumstances.

List of Shelf Companies

Call for a complete list of available shelf companies. We have a complete list by clicking the link above. All of our off the shelf companies are free from any known liability. So, they are ready to do business so you can take advantage of an entity that has been in existence for some time.

Shelf Corporations with Established Credit

There are some corporations that are sitting on the shelf that already have established credit scores. The benefits with these entities are tremendous. First, the company can already borrow money on its own without a personal guarantee from the officer or director before it is acquired by the ultimate owner. The shelf corporations with established credit may create some tremendous opportunities such as real estate investing, starting a business, acquiring an automobile or borrowing cash. This may be especially beneficial to someone who does not have particularly perfect credit or to one who wants to borrow money without effecting one’s personal credit. Such a corporation will typically also have an aged bank account as well. This is subject to availability and the lending environment and there are no guarantees.

Canadian Shelf Companies

In addition to US and offshore companies, we also have a list of entities available that have been established in Canada, one of the biggest trading partners with the US. One of our websites is We establish corporations in all provinces as well as Canadian federal corporations. So, we also have Canadian shelf companies for sale from time to time.

Aged Shelf Corporations

This term is the same as the other terms used here. An aged shelf company is a corporation or LLC formed before today that has been sitting on the shelf ready to be acquired by someone who needs a company that has been formed previously. Often people purchase such companies in Nevada, Wyoming or California as well as Delaware.

Shelf Corps

Shelf corps are the same as shelf corporations. It is simply an abbreviated form of the phrase. One term we also see is “shelf corps with established credit,” which is the same as that discussed elsewhere on this site where the entity already has a credit or established Paydex score. Paydex is a registered trademark of Dun and Bradstreet, a corporate credit reporting agency. Sometimes the reporting agencies want the new owner to establish credit from scratch once the company has changed hands. So, in that instance have another program that gives assistance in building new credit scores.

So, aShelf corporations, seasoned shelf corporations and off the shelf company formation offers some tremendous benefits in terms of  trustworthiness, obtaining new business relationships and possible financial and asset protection.

Naturally, this article is not meant to be an exhaustive resource on the subject. It is for general reference purposes and is not meant to cover the infinite number of “yeah buts,” and “you forgot to say’s.” The bottom line is, use common sense, honesty and sound judgment.

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