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Incorporation Packages provides the most dependable
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plus state fees

Benefits Included In Your Package Complete Package Basic Package Non Package
Name search / reservation. check mark check mark check mark
Preparation and filing the articles of formation check mark check mark check mark
Registered agent service check mark check mark
Essential corporation checklist check mark check mark
Complete Corporate Kit check mark check mark
Rapid Filing Service – Documents are submitted overnight or hand delivered to the government check mark
FedEx overnight delivery to you check mark
S-Corp Election Form (2553) check mark
EIN Tax ID application (SS4) check mark
Tax Classification (8832) check mark
Build Your Financial Castle (ebook) check mark
Incorporate Service Package Prices $399 $279 $149

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Basic Incorporation Service (Silver Package)

Even at the Basic Incorporation level, provides the most dependable and accurate Corporation formation service on the web–and all of this for just $149 plus state fees. This package offers the minimum required to get you or your business properly incorporated, and is a good “starter” package if you’d like to enjoy benefits of incorporating. The contents of this package are as follows:

  • Name check and reservation with your state of choice
  • Preparation and drafting of your articles of incorporation
  • Documents filed with your state of choice
  • Document package delivered via priority mail
  • Only $149 plus state fees

Comprehensive Incorporation Package (Gold Package)

This is the package for the entrepreneur and/or business owner who wants a more complete approach to incorporating his business. In addition to the services included in the Basic Incorporation Service, the Package includes:

  • Registered Agent Service
  • Essential Corporation Check List
  • Complete Corporate Kit
  • Only $279 plus state fees

Complete Incorporation Package (Platinum Package)

Just as the name implies, this package includes it all! This is the complete package for the serious professional, entrepreneur or businessman that wants to take his business to the next level. This package covers all bases, from rapid overnight or hand-carry document filing, to supplying the appropriate S-Corp and EIN election and application paperwork. These are the additional features:

  • Rapid Document Filing (Overnight or Hand Carry, where appropriate)
  • FedEx Delivery to you
  • S-Corporation Election Form (2553)
  • EIN Tax ID Number (SS4)
  • Entity (Tax) Classification (8832)
  • Build Your Financial Castle e-Book
  • Only $399 plus state fees

Incorporation Features and Definitions

Name Check and Reservation within your State of Choice: After you elect the state in which you wish to be incorporated (electing the state is also an important proposition–please see our “which state should I incorporate in?” page), and you provide us with your preferred name, we will search the state database to see if your name is available, then reserve it if is. It is important that you submit a preferred name, then two alternates in the event that your first choice is not available.

Preparation and Drafting of your Articles of Incorporation: All states require that “Articles of Incorporation” be filed with the appropriate state secretary’s office–this announces to the world that you are officially “incorporated.”

Documents Filed with the State you elect: Self explanatory–we file all of the necessary documentation once you have carefully considered, then elected, the state in which you will incorporate.

Document Package Delivered via Priority Mail: We use the U.S. Postal Priority Service for all of our non-express mail correspondence.

Registered Agent Service: Most of the 50 states require that a Registered Agent representative be on file for all corporations or LLC’s. The Registered Agent accepts official documents and can help with the expertise to assist the corporation and LLC with due diligence and to help ensure that all appropriate documents are filed in order to keep the company in good standing. Accordingly, this registered agent should be available at the physical address listed in the public records from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays. We offer registered agent services in all fifty states and several overseas locations.

Essential Corporation Check List: As the name implies, this list is worth it’s weight in gold: it provides you with an “essentials” list that will assist you in starting up, operating, and maintaining your corporation healthy. From observing the corporate formalities, to ensuring that you know what the appropriate forms are for your Tax or regulatory needs (EIN, S-Corporation, etc.), if it is essential to the operation of your corporation, it’s on this list!

Complete Corporate Kit: Maintaining your legal, formation and corporation documents properly organized and secure is vital to your business–we understand! We provide you with the perfect corporate kit: Our kit is well thought out and will aid you in keeping your original or certified copies of incorporation or formation, along with other critical documents such as annual meeting minutes, amendments, bank account records, stock certificates and IRS forms, accessible, secure, and well organized. Our corporate kits come in a handsome dark leatherette case with your corporation’s name richly embossed in gold on the spine. We also include your official Corporate Seal with that includes your corporation’s name, state and date of incorporation, a Corporate Records book, an “sample” set of corporate Bylaws, Corporate Minutes, a Directors Register and Officers List, a Shareholder’s register, a Securities Register, Shareholder Agreements and several personalized stock certificates. A truly complete kit!

Rapid Document Filing: With the Platinum package, you get our full service–this include our “Rapid Document Filing” service that will ensure hand delivery or overnight express service for all of your filing needs.

S-Corporation Election Form: Also included in the Platinum package is an S-Corporation Election form (IRS Form 2553, Sub Chapter S Corporation ) if you should so wish to classify your corporation (there are time and organizational requirements for this tax status). We also offer S-Corporation election application assistance, preparation and filing. Please contact one of our specialist to help you with your S Corporation preparation.

EIN Tax ID Number: If you anticipate opening bank accounts, hiring staff, purchasing capital assets in the corporation’s name, etc., then a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required. Our Platinum package includes an application for an EIN, and we also offer expedited service–for an additional $75, we can assist you with the application, file it, and obtain an EIN within 24 hours for you

Entity (Tax) Classification: In addition to an EIN number, a corporation must file for an Entity Classification with the IRS in order for it to be recognized, for tax purposes, as a separate entity from it’s shareholder(s). We provide the necessary form and can provide assistance with the execution this form–talk to our specialists today!

Free Registered Agent Service with every Incorporation

Every new corporation or company package* with comes with FREE Resident Agent service

What is a Resident Agent?

In nearly all states, a corporation or LLC is LEGALLY REQUIRED to designate and maintain a registered agent. The Registered agent must have a PHYSICAL ADDRESS within the state where:

  • It is incorporated. or;
  • Where it maintains a LEGAL PRESENCE