Business start-up and personal asset protection services.

Corporate Credit Benefits

Companies Incorporated offers the most comprehensive Corporate Credit Building Program that is designed for real businesses conducting real business activity. Corporate Credit is a powerful tool for the entrepreneur and small business owner. You can see benefits in months, rather than years, if you establish a business credit profile through Companies Incorporated. Here are some of the points to consider using our Credit Building Program:

  • Corporate Credit separates business and personal credit and strengthens the corporate veil afforded by being incorporated
  • Our clients typically receive a business credit rating of 75-80 or better, and clients can complete this program in 90-150 days
  • We provide our clients with access to the companies that grant your company credit. We have 1,000’s of companies in our business credit program that grant credit and open lines of credit without the use of a personal guarantee or personal credit check
  • Many of our clients receive “Retail Credit Cards” for use under their corporation or company without personal credit checks
  • Building corporate credit can open a lot of doors for running your business, obtaining loans and leases, within the financial capacity of your organization, and this can all be achieved without exposing your personal credit profile
  • Many of our clients experience high success rates with our program and are able to purchase / lease corporate cars, computer equipment and other assets for their business, financed under their corporation, quickly
  • Aged Shelf Corporations and Companies have some value for certain types of enterprises and goals that require a business to have been established for years – Companies Incorporated has the widest selection of Shelf Corporations and Aged Companies with Established Credit as well.
  • Each business credit program comes with a 100% Performance Guarantee, which states that the client will receive a FULL REFUND if we fail at building your corporate credit profile. Naturally, the guarantee depends upon you following the instructions of your credit coach. This is a team effort and our clients participate in the credit building program.


There are several levels of service to choose from. Please read the profiles below to find what level of service you might be interested in:

  1. Starting a business
  2. Expanding his or her business
  3. Borrowing without a personal guarantee
  4. New credit profile under a corporation


Starting a Business

Two of our clients in Florida wanted to start a school bus company to
transport children from home to private schools in the area. They contacted us and we enrolled them in our program to establish business credit. We were able to obtain $450,000 in financing to purchase the school busses they needed to launch their enterprise. Now they have a very profitable business as a result of the start-up capital we were able to obtain for them by following our program.

Expanding a Business

A client in Spokane, Washington wanted to expand his real estate development business. He lacked the resources to purchase the needed equipment. He was quite pleased with our program and the support he received. He used our program for building corporate credit to obtain $650,000 in vehicles and construction equipment. His credit payments for his equipment are now a fraction of his former outgo when he had to hire out the work to other companies. He has more money in his pocket every time he develops a home.

Borrowing Without Personal Guarantees

It is important to follow the golden rule and treat the lender the way you
would want to be treated if you were them. Conscientiously work to make your business grow more and more profitable and repay the people who had faith enough in your business to extend credit. However, sometimes circumstances occur where repayment is difficult. In the rare event that this would occur, the credit of the company is affected and your personal credit can be left out of the equation, leaving your personal credit in-tact or not adding a blemish to your personal profile.

Corporate Credit as an Alternative to Personal Credit

Things happen. With divorces, job loss or financial habits that need
adjusting, sometimes personal credit is not what one would like. So, you can wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start under a corporation. Build its credit score and obtain credit under a person (company) that you control. This way, you will be able to buy the things you want for your business, within reason, without past personal credit challenges getting in your way.