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Real Estate Investing Training

Real Estate Investment Guru and TV Icon, Neil Auric­chio, is Now Available for 1-on-1 Personal Training Exclusively Through Companies Incorporated.

Neil Auricchio is now building a nationwide network of investors. You can schedule a 1-on-1 training session with Neil in your town. Call 1-800-COMPANY to secure your training. Limited availability, so call now.

"Now is the best time in history to invest in real es­tate. I made the most money in my life in down times like this. Right now people are willing to ac­cept offers that I have never seen before. We are buying houses for 20 and 30 cents on the dollar," says Neil Auricchio.

"Another type of offer that is most beneficial, in my opinion, is where the seller of the property is willing to carry back a second mortgage. I can get financing for, say, 30 to 60% of the pur­chase price. I make monthly payments to the seller for the remaining 40 to 70% of the purchase price."

"Right now I'm building a network of investors around the US. I am scheduling 1-on-1 personal 2-day training sessions with those who want to know the real estate investment business. I have backed hundreds of investors over the years. I will fly into your town and meet with you personally. Call 1-800-COMPANY and they can schedule your training session."

You may have seen his television programs teaching people how to be­come wealthy investing in real estate. Neil Auricchio has helped thou­sands of real estate investors from beginners to experts purchase prop­erties for bargain prices; often with little or no out of pocket expenses.

1-800-COMPANY has retained the world-renowned real es­tate investment expert and TV Icon, Neil Auricchio for 1-on-1 personal training services. Using our volume con­sulting arrangement, we are able to provide Mr. Auricchio to your location for a 2 day 1-on-1 training package. Call 1-800-COMPANY for details.

You will get personal professional training from Neil Auricchio on how to spot real estate bargains, how to finance with little of your own money and best of all, actually take Mr. Auricchio with you to help you spot bargain real estate invest­ments. Once you find those lucrative properties, Neil will not only train you on how to deal with real life opportunities, but will help you negotiate with the seller for a better amount and help you find financing and negotiate for a better rate.

Here is what you will learn from Neil Auricchio, himself, in your 1-on-1, face-to-face personalized training session in your town:

  1. How Neil developed the millionaire mindset and how you can too.
  2. Life planning and goal setting.
  3. How to find bargain properties.
  4. How to negotiate the lowest price possible.
  5. How to maximize cash flow.
  6. How to develop multiple streams of income.
  7. Selling for top dollar.
  8. Leveraging your time - how to work less and make more.
  9. You will look for properties.
  10. You will make calls to sellers with Neil by your side.
  11. If the right properties are available, you have the oppor­tunity to purchase them using Neil’s proven system, during your training session.
  12. You will have the opportunity to talk with Neil after your training session.

Let Neil Auricchio turn you into a professional lifetime real es­tate profit generating investor.

For more information about 1-800-COMPANY's Two Day Neil Auricchio personal real estate investing program at your location, call: 1-800-COMPANY (800-266-7269)

"I had millionaire Neil Auricchio come to my home town and train me one-on-one in 1994. It changed my life forever. Neil and I have been friends ever since. I couldn’t recommend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity more."

 - Employee of Companies Incorporated and

"I took advantage of the Real Estate two day training that Companies Inc. offered featuring Neil Auricchio. Smart investors know that NOW is the time to take advantage of the market. I have attended several seminars over the last three years and I walked away feeling encouraged that real estate investing is a lucrative investment, but I never walked away with the step by step procedures that I must do to obtain properties.

I have spent thousands of dollars for two day seminars and all day seminars, and even some coaching hours, but none of these have compared to the opportunity for a ONE-on-ONE with the head real estate "guru" himself. As many of you have experienced, you will be assigned to one of "Robert Kiyosaki's" trained professionals, or one of Donald Trump's right hand men. But you don't get direct time with "Robert Kiyosaki" or "Donald Trump" to evaluate your potential deals, and show you step by step how they themselves go about obtaining property. You get this opportunity with Neil Auricchio in person, sitting in your office, or at the property site.

This is the greatest benefit I gained by taking advantage of Neil Auricchio’s One-on-One two day Training. I was with Neil himself for two days, 10 hours each day, with the opportunity to ask him questions, and allow him to evaluate my potential deals.

It was an invaluable and financially lucrative opportunity to be taught exactly how to evaluate if an investment makes sense, where to find opportunities and to be given the resources and funding sources to secure projects.

For those of you that have the means, but don't have the time as you are running your own businesses to teach yourself how to effectively invest in this market currently, and for those of you that need to know how to get started, I urge you to invest in this two day One-on-One crash course that will give you the finishing touches that you need to maximize your tax savings, as well as increase your net worth. Your ROI after this training will be insurmountable. Companies Inc, even offers financing. There is no time like now, deals are everywhere!

I highly recommend Neil Auricchio’s individualized Real Estate Investing Training.

– L. Williams, Chatsworth CA


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Real Estate Investing Training

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